21 Cool Baptism Gifts For A Baby Boy: Meaningful & Unique Ideas

Boy Baptism Gift Ideas

Finding a baptism or christening gift for a baby boy can be hard sometimes and time consuming. What is something you can give that is thoughtful, appropriate and useful, but still boyish?

I want to help you save time and find the perfect gift quickly and easily. I’ve put together a list of 21 cool, unique and meaningful baptism gift ideas for baby boys.

Note: if you’re searching for a christening gift you’ve come to the right place. Christening and baptism are basically the same thing. For more info see here.

I’ve spent many, many hours researching the best gifts I could find that would make a really special baptism gift for a baby boy and combined it with my knowledge and experience as a mum to a boy. From experience I’ve noticed things that boys like and also things that are useful to a mum of a new baby.

I had 3 main criteria when searching for these gifts:

  1. Attractive: Something I would be happy for my boy to wear or to use or display in his room.
  2. Useful: The best gifts are ones that can be used and are helpful to the recipient.
  3. Faith based: Baptism is all about starting a relationship with God. I believe all baptism gifts should be based around giving some sort of message of love and hope that will help sow seeds of faith in the baby boy or indirectly through his parents.

Overall, these gift ideas needed to be something I would be thrilled to receive as a mum to a baby boy or something that I would choose as a gift myself for a baby boy on his baptism.

The gifts below range from US$5 to $40.

Babywear for Baby Boys

Babywear with a message of hope and love will be read by the mother as she cares for her new baby. Messages like “Wonderfully Made” and “Where God Guides, He Provides” will help the mother grow in her faith and give her strength and appreciation for her baby boy.

Being a new mum is hard and we need all the encouragement we can get. It’s often easy in the business of life to forget about God, but being reminded of God’s continual presence and love will help in those tough times and be reflected through her love and care for her baby.

So these babywear gifts will help strengthen the mother in her faith and in turn also help the baby through his mothers presence and love.

Bandana Faith Bibs: Set of 3

Baby Bandana Bibs - Inspirational

These stylish bandana bibs, in a set of 3, are gorgeous and so, so useful!
I don’t think you can ever really have too many bibs. All 3 of mine were major dribblers when they were babies. I went through so many bibs. And these bandana style bibs were my bibs of choice.

Includes 3 beautiful messages:
“Jesus Loves Me
“God made Me
“I am Blessed

This would make a very useful and meaningful christening gift for a baby boy.

Made from: 100% cotton with terry lining
Price: approx US$16

Blue Beanie “little blessing”

I love this cute blue and white striped baby boy beanie with top knot. This would make a lovely baptism gift for the warmer months if the baby was around 3 months old or younger.

The front folded part of the beanie has the beautiful reminder that this baby boy is a: little blessing

Made from: 95% cotton/5% spandex
Size: 0-6 months old.
Price: approx US$10

Baby Boy beanie - little blessing

Onesie – Noah’s Ark

Baby Romper Noah's Ark

This super cute little short sleeve, no legged onesie would make a very practical and meaningful baptism gift.

It features a cute Noah’s Ark image with the beautiful message:
Two by two, side by side,
where God guides, He provides

Made from: 100% cotton.
Size: 3-6 or 6-12 months old
Price: approx US$13

Blue T-Shirt – Jesus Loves This Little Rascal

This cute, but cheeky t-shirt is adorable with a little racoon on the front and a message that says:
“Jesus Loves This Little Rascal”

This would make a unique baptism present from a cheeky uncle, aunt or close friend.

Made from: 100% cotton.
Size: 6, 12, 18 or 24 months old
Price: approx US$12

Baby Boy t-shirt - Little Rascal

Socks – “wonderfully made”

Baby Boy wonderfully made socks

These gorgeous little grey socks are bound to keep any cute little baby boy feet warm. I love them.

I love their message even more:
wonderfully made
Yes, he is!

Made from: Cotton outside and soft French terry inside
Size: 3-12 months old.
Price: approx US$5

Blankets & Wraps for Baby Boys

Blankets and wraps are very useful gifts. The ones I’ve picked below have beautiful messages of love – God’s love for both parents and their precious baby boy.

Muslin Wrap and Door Hanger

Baby Boy Muslin Wrap and Door Hanger

I love this muslin wrap and door hanger. Muslin wraps are perfect for the warmer months to wrap baby in, or for a light blanket in the pram or to drape over the pram while baby is sleeping or to use as a cover while feeding. So many uses for muslin wraps!

The heartwarming message on the wrap is in the bottom right corner and reads:
Wrapped in God’s love.
Gift from heaven above.”

It also comes with a very cute and useful door hanger, with one side reading “Baby sleeping” and the other side “Baby awake“.

Made from: Cotton muslin (wrap)
Size: 112 x 112 cm (44 x 44 inch)
Price: approx US$25

Embroidered Scripture Quilt

This unique blue embroidered quilt is a top selling baby gift.

It has nine squares embroidered with words of Scripture such as:
With God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26

The verses chosen are meant to encourage the parents, as well as teach the child as they grow.

Made from: All Cotton
Size: 102 x 114cm (40 x 45 inch)
Price: approx US$30

Baby Boy Scripture Quilt

Faith Toys for Baby Boys

There are some really cute teddies and toys for baby boys. My son, now 7, is into lego, but he still has a special place for his teddies, both in his room and in his heart. These are my top picks for faith-based cuddly teddies and toys for boys:

Musical Lullaby Teddy Bear

Baby Boy brown teddy - Jesus Love Me

This little, super soft Musical Lullaby Teddy Bear is very cute.

It softly plays, “Jesus Loves Me,” (no words) when tummy is pushed. Safe for babies and toddlers with embroidered eyes and nose features; plush tan fur. Embroidered on paw “Jesus Loves Me,”; includes a satin ribbon bow tied around teddy’s neck.

Just the right size for baby to hold.

Size: Sitting: 18cm (7 inch)
Standing: 25 cm (10 inch)
Price: approx US$12

Baby Boy Blankie

This sweet little baby boy blankie is perfect for a christening gift from a close relative. The words on it are so beautiful and meaningful:

Sweet, sweet boy… You are so very, very precious… a little bundle of wonder, curiosity and joy. Those eyes… so full of innocence and possibility. You have created a love that floods the heart. It spills out whenever you smile, giggle, or simply breathe. Oh little one… The world is waiting for you. May you find tons of happiness as you explore, grow and learn. Know that you are a unique and special gift from God… “fearfully and wonderfully made.” You are deeply loved forever and ever. XOXOXO

Made from: cotton/polyester/rayon
Size: 35 x 35cm (14″ x 14″ inch)
Price: approx US$16

Baby Boy sweet boy blankie

Prayer Bear

Baby Boy Prayer Bear

This adorable plush prayer bear says not one but 4 separate prayers depending on which paw you press. The prayers spoken (by a child) are:
“The Lord’s Prayer”
“Mealtime Blessing”
“Bedtime Prayer”
“God in Heaven”

If you click through above you can see a video of the bear saying the prayers.

This is a fantastic tool to help teach young ones to pray (such an important part of faith).

Also included is the Prayer Bear’s little blue backpack, which contains a booklet with the words to each prayer!

Size: 28cm (11 inch) high
Price: approx US$18

Plush Discovery Cube

This plush baby discovery cube is a perfect for little fingers and mouths set for exploring. It features a peek-a-boo mirror, handle and ribbon tags for playing with.

One side of the cube has the wonderful message:
GOD’s got BIG PLANS for ME”
(Jer. 29:11)

Size: 15x15x15 cm (6x6x6 inch)
Price: approx US$17

Decor For Baby Boys

Decorating a baby boy’s room makes it a warm, happy place to be. What better way to fill it than with beautiful but boyish items that convey messages of love and hope.

Blue Photo Frame “Little Adventurer”

This Little Adventurer photo frame in blue is gorgeous.

The wonderful message at the bottom of the frame is:
I am with you, and I will protect you wherever you go.”
Genesis 28:15

Made from: MDF wood frame
Size: Frame: 20×16.5cm (8×6.5 inch)
Photo: 10x15cm (4x6inch)
Price: approx US$10

Wall Art – Noah’s Ark

I love this Noah’s ark wall art for a little boys room. The picture is so cute! And the message is even better:
“Two by two, side by side,
where God guides, He provides”

These words are so important, both for baby as he grows and especially for mum right now if they’ve just gone back to a single income. Things can become tight and stressful! I know – we’ve been there. But what a wonderful promise to be constantly reminded of:
God will provide.
I’ve personally found it to be very true – He’s never let us down, and there were some tight times!

Made from: MDF wood
Size: 35x40cm (14×16 inch)
Price: approx US$14

Baby Boy wall plaque - Noah's Ark

Blue Cross “I Am With You”

The words on this cool blue cross are so meaningful and reassuring for any little boy or his parents to read:

I am with you, and I will protect you wherever you go.”
Genesis 28:15

Made from: MDF wood
Size: 13 x 10 cm (5 x 4 inch)
Price: approx US$10

Whale Bank

This super cute Whale Bank includes the beautiful and powerful message:
“Mightier than the waves…
is His love for you”

My son, now 7, received a money box for his baptism when he was a baby. He still uses it to collect and store money that he is saving for something special.

Made from: ceramic
Size: 12 cm (5 inch)
Price: approx US$17

Musical Water Globe – Noah’s Ark

Baby Boy musical snow globe - Noahs Ark

There’s a bit of a Noah’s Ark theme going on here – have you noticed? I think the Noah story is a great one for little boys who love to build.

This Noah’s ark water globe plays “Jesus Loves Me” tune and snow glitters down when you tip it upside down, so adorable. If you click through you will find a video where you can hear it play.

Made from: Resin and glass
Size: 14cm (5.5inch)
Price: approx US$40

Dish and Cup Set – Noah’s Ark

Sooner or later all babies will begin to eat solid food and need something durable to eat from. I love this gorgeous Noah’s Ark melamine dish and cup set. I think it is so adorable and would make a perfect christening gift for a baby boy.

The message on each dish and the back of the cup is:
“Two by two, side by side,
where God guides, He provides”

Made from: Melamine
Size: Plate 20cm (8inch)
Bowl: 13cm (5inch)
Price: approx US$15

Baby Boy melamine dish set Noahs Ark

Books for Baby Boys

Books are brilliant for babies and kids to learn and grow in their understanding of God and what he does.

Luckily there are many fantastic books that are perfect for little boys to begin their journey of discovery about their amazing Father in heaven.

Cloth Book “In The Beginning”

Baby Boy Cloth Book - In The Beginning

This interactive soft cloth book “In The Beginning” tells the story of creation.

There are things for baby to touch, play with and move on each page. I remember my little brother playing with a book like this in church all the time when we were little. He loved it!

Made from: Cloth
Size: 23h x 21w x 4d cm
(9h x 8.5w x 1.5d inch)
Price: approx US$30

His First Bible

His First Bible has nice big colourful pictures and short simple lines of rhyme – perfect for babies and young children. A lot of children’s bibles can be quite wordy and hard to understand and therefore don’t keep the child’s attention. But this bible seems to hit the nail on the head.

Made from: Hardcover, 93 pages
Size: 17 x 12 cm (6.5 x 4.5 inch)
Price: approx US$8

DVDs & CDs for Baby Boys

There are particular DVD’s and CD’s that can really help soothe a baby. I’ve definitely found that to be the case. The right DVD or CD can make a much appreciated gift for a parent of a young baby. And the beautiful sounds and sights can do wonders for the baby’s soul. Here are my top picks:

DVD “God Made Me”

Baby Boy DVD - God Made Me

Created especially for 0-24 month old babies, this DVD “God Made Me” is a stimulating faith based dvd. It tells the story of creation in a simple way and reinforces the message that “God made me and loves me”.

It features well-loved hymn music and images of animals, colours, shapes and visual effects that babies seems to love and runs for 30 minutes (for a sneak peak see here)

My daughter received a dvd like this for her baptism and it was amazing how much she loved it. It would quiet her down even at her most fussy times. We often played it around 5pm! It was great for me too as I remembered worship songs I hadn’t heard or sung in ages.

Definitely recommended.

Price: approx US$10

3 CD Set “Sweet Lullabies”

I’ve listened to a lot of the Christian lullaby CD’s and this Sweet Lullabies was the best for a few reasons:
(1) It includes 3 cds (55 songs!) plenty of time to get baby to sleep
(2) The songs are beautiful, soothing instrumentals (no vocals) making it more relaxing for baby to sleep
(3) It includes both well-known christian hymns/songs and traditional lullabies.
(4) It is by far the best value – the same price for 55 songs compared to 10-15 songs for other cd’s.

Price: approx US$5

Baby CD - Lullabies

So, there you have it, my top 21 baptism/christening gifts for a baby boy.

I hope you have found something that strikes a chord with you.

My advice is to not delay in buying the gift. Before you know it the baptism day will be here and you don’t want to be still waiting on your order to arrive.

Most of the gifts above are from christianbook.com. They have fantastic prices and can deliver next business day in the US, but it can take 1-2 weeks at the cheapest shipping rate. They also deliver worldwide, but it can take 2-6 weeks for international delivery. I’ve ordered from them a few times before (from Australia) and they’ve been excellent.