3 Essential Mindsets That Will Help Make You A Bold, Courageous Woman Of Faith

What makes the great men and women in the bible so great? What sets them apart?

I want to be like them, but how?

I’ve noticed certain things, certain ways of thinking, certain mindsets that strong bible characters have. People like David, Daniel, Ruth, Esther, Noah, Abraham.

Here’s a list of mindsets that these people have in common. Mindsets that we can have too.


Mindset #1:  Knowing that God is Good and That He Loves Me

I believe this is key in a great relationship with God.

David was a close friend of God’s and he knew without a doubt that God loved him immensely. “Keep me as the apple of your eye” (Psalm 17:8). He was bold in his assumptions about God’s love for him.

His bold assumptions must have pleased God. God blessed him greatly. God held David in high esteem.

The thing is that God loves all his children equally. You and I are children of God, just as David is.

How can we get this bold mindset that we are immensely loved by God?

  1. I believe that reading the bible is the best place to start (The Message is my favourite). We can see through the stories in the bible how God has loved his people. We are his people too.
  2. Ask God direct. Ask him to show you and open your eyes to see how much he loves you.
  3. Through experience. Once God has opened our eyes and heart to see and feel his love we can experience it for ourselves. These are powerful moments. Don’t forget them, write them down and remember them often.  
  4. Declare Gods goodness and God’s love for you outloud. You are more likely to believe it if you hear yourself saying it outloud.
photo by Ben White


David also believed that God is good. Even though he went through some pretty rough times when he was being hunted down by King Saul, he opened his heart to God and was honest about his feelings, and he always left these moments with a sense that God is good. God will protect him.

“”For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”” (Jeremiah 29:11)

God loves you.

And God is good.

If you know that God loves you and He is a good God then this next mindset will come easily.


Mindset #2:  Trust in God

So God is a good God who loves you immensely. Can we trust someone like this?


God delights when we trust him. When we trust God he can achieve so much through us.

photo by Yoann Boyer


All the great women and men of the bible were put in some pretty tough situations that required their total trust in God. Trusting that God was powerful enough to overcome whatever they were up against. By knowing that that God is a good God who loves them, they could trust that He would do whatever was best.

Daniel trusted God enough to obey him even when it meant he would be thrown in the lions den.

Noah trusted and obeyed even when it seemed impossible to float that big boat where he was and everyone was laughing at him.

David trusted that God would show his power and stepped forward to let God fight Goliath through him.

Abraham trusted God enough to obey him when he was asked to sacrifice his only son.

Esther trusted God enough to boldly approach the King even though it might mean death for her so that the King would know the truth about his evil advisor Haman.

Every time God came through for them.

And Jesus, well he trusted his Father totally. He obeyed by dying a criminal death. He is the ultimate in showing us how to trust.


Mindset #3:   Be Thankful

These bible greats always remembered where their power and strength came from. They always gave God the credit because they knew that they were nothing without him by their side.

They were thankful in the midst of their trials and testing. Paul sang worship songs to God when he was in chains in prison. God responded and shook the earth so that the prisoners were freed.

God loves it when we are thankful!

I love it when my children are thankful. I makes me want to do more for them when they appreciate what I already do. I can imagine God loves it even more.

Even when you can’t think of anything to be thankful for. Be thankful for what Jesus has done and that he has promised to never leave you. 


These 3 mindsets – knowing that God is good and that he loves you, trusting and obeying him, and gratitude develop over time. God is always working to build these mindsets in us. Slowly but surely we will grow to have these mindsets if we are open to God and respond to what he’s doing in us.

I know I still have a long way to go, but I have also come a long way from where I started. It’s a work in progress!