9 Gift Ideas For Your Goddaughter’s Baptism: Beautiful & Personalised

Congratulations on being chosen as godparent! As a new godparent one of the first things you will probably do is choose a gift for your goddaughter to celebrate her baptism. You will likely want to give your goddaughter a meaningful gift that will be a reminder of the significance of her baptism, and reflect the honour you feel in your role as godparent.

Note: if you’re searching for a christening gift you’ve come to the right place. Christening and baptism are basically the same thing. For more info see here.

Sometimes picking out a great baptism gift takes a lot longer than you’d like.

To help save you time I’ve put together a summary of my top picks for baptism gifts for goddaughters. There are some really cool personalised gifts here that I think you and your goddaughter will love.

I’ve done many hours of research into the best goddaughter baptism gifts and I’ve seen what my daughters use and enjoy and I’ve taken this into account when selecting the gifts below.

In my view there are 4 criteria that make an awesome goddaughter gift:

  1. Faith based – your role as godparent is to help your goddaughter grow in faith, so I think it’s essential to start as you mean to go and give a gift that is based on faith in God.
  2. Useful – a good gift is something that can be easily used, not something that is put away in a cupboard and forgotten about. Faith is something that needs to be used everyday, likewise a good baptism gift should be something that can be used.
  3. Long Lasting – often gifts from godparents are ones that their goddaughter will keep for a long time – choosing cheap gifts often result in cheap materials used and it often just doesn’t last as long. The ones selected below are mostly all handmade items from small businesses that take pride in their work and the materials they use.
  4. Personalised – the relationship between godparent and goddaughter is personal, a great way to reflect this through the gift is to have it personalised with your goddaughter’s name, baptism date and message of faith. My daughters love gifts they’ve received that have their name on it – it just makes the gift extra special and makes them feel extra special too.

The baptism gifts below are timeless gifts that are sure to be treasured for a long, long time. These gifts are high quality gifts made by businesses that care and have excellent customer service. The first 7 gifts can all be personalised with your goddaughter’s name, baptism date and a message of faith and love.

Personalised Keepsake/Jewellery Box

These personalised keepsake and jewellery boxes are so stunning. Any one of these would look beautiful in a young girls room and be very useful for storing all her trinkets and valuables. What a lovely gift to give your goddaughter.

goddaughter elephant personalised keepsake box named
personalised keepsake box under lid

Box Options

There are a range of sizes to choose from.

The name box and elephant box above are keepsake/trinket boxes. These boxes come in a range of sizes from 13x3cm (5x1inch) to 26x12cm (10x5inch) and the prices adjust accordingly.

There is also the option to choose the underlying colour or print on the lid.

Box Engraving

The engraving on the lid is included in the price of the box.

There is also an option to engrave inside the lid or underneath the base of the box. To do this you will need to add an extra engraving item to your etsy for minimal charge. I think inside the lid is a fantastic idea as it will be seen more often than the bottom of the box. Maybe include a meaningful bible verse and baptism date here.

If engraving the elephant box lid I personally would engrave with my goddaughter’s first and middle name instead of last name which may change when she grows and gets married.

Box Delivery

These boxes are made by a small business called HandmadeGiftIdeas in Riga, Latvia. Based on the reviews they have exceptional customer service and many very happy customers. They prepare your personalised box and have it ready to ship in 3-5 business days and then deliver in quite quickly for free! Amazing!

Material: fabric, wood
Size: 5×1 inch (13×3 cm) to 10×5 inch (26×12 cm)
Price: US$40 – $106 (depending on size) plus $6-$9 if engraving inside lid

Baptism to Wedding Swarovski Pearl Bracelet

This extendable sterling silver bracelet adorned with Swarovski pearl crystals is absolutely gorgeous and I love, love, love how it can be extended so that your goddaughter can wear it even when she is all grown up. It is designed to be kept and worn as “something old” on her wedding day.

I remember being so sad when my baptism bracelet didn’t fit me anymore when I was young. But this won’t be an issue with this gorgeous extendable bracelet.

It comes with a cross charm and love heart that can be personalised with your goddaughters initial. Also included is a beautiful card with a printed baptism to wedding day poem making it a wonderful gift for your goddaughters baptism.

Goddaughter Pearl Bracelet with card

Bracelet Options

There is a choice of over 30 colours variations to choose from for the Swavoski pearls. Personally I think I would choose white like in the picture above.

Bracelet Engraving

There is a love heart charm on the bracelet that can be engraved with your goddaughters first initial making it extra special.

Bracelet Delivery

The bracelets are ready to send in 4-5 business days and ships free within the US and costs around US$17 to send to Australia.

Material: crystal, silver
Size: length 4 inch (10 cm)
Price: US$51

Personalised Grace Plate, Bowl and Placemat Set

This gorgeous set of personalised placemat, plate and bowl will help your goddaughter learn a wonderful habit of being thankful before each meal, and the cute little animals in Noah’s Ark will keep her entertained for ages.

Plate Set Options

There are 10 different grace prayers to chose from. So just pick the one you think is the best.

Plate Set Personalisation

Your goddaughter’s name can be added to the plate, bowl and placemat for no extra charge.

Plate Set Delivery

This set is made in the US and ships for free within the US.

Material: melamine, heavy gloss laminate
Size: plate 10 inch, placemat 11×12 inch
Price: US$50

Personalised Wooden Music Box

This personalised music box from Modo Creative is perfect for the music lover or girl that loves intricate details. I remember being absolutely fascinated with a similar music box when I was young and seeing how the little box makes music.

The music box plays “You Are My Sunshine” tune when the handle is turned.

Music Box - Christening

Music Box Options

There are a few options to consider with this music box.

  1. You can either choose for your music box to be sealed shut or to have a lid with a metal clasp that can be opened. Obviously choosing the box that is sealed shut is safer for little ones, but choosing a box that opens means that they can watch the delicate parts inside the box make the music which is so fascinating.
  2. For a small extra cost you can also add an extra message on the bottom of the box. I love this idea. Perfect for adding a special message or bible verse.

Music Box Engraving

The music box is engraved with your goddaughter’s name and short message/baptism date underneath such as:

“With love on your baptism
16th September 2020.”

And the extra option of engraving the bottom of the box maybe with a special message or bible verse.

Music Box Delivery

The music box is made by ModoCreative, a small family business in the UK. Music boxes are made and ready to deliver in 3-5 working days.

They deliver internationally for £15. I’ve ordered this music box from ModoCreative in the past and had it delivered to Australia. It arrived perfectly in time for my goddaughters baptism.

Material: Norweigen Pine, Metal
Size: 2.6 x 2 inch (6.5 x 5 cm)
Price: £15 – £19 (depending if the bottom is engraved)

Engraved Oak Name Letter

This stunning engraved white oak name letter would add a personalised statement to any girl’s room. The recycled oak wood has been whitewashed and sanded back for a distressed, rustic look. The team at Modo Creative can engrave it making a unique and personal baptism gift for your goddaughter.

Name letter personalised
Back view

Name Letter Options

The only real options here are what letter to choose – simple, just choose the letter that your goddaughter’s name starts with.

For an extra small cost you can add engraving to the front and also to the back of the letter (both shown above).

Name Letter Engraving

Engraving on the front of the letter is typically your goddaughter’s name, which is fitting and makes sense.

On the back of the letter you can add a more personal message/bible verse and your goddaughter’s baptism date.

Or you can add all of the engraving on the back for a more subtle effect.

Name Letter Delivery

The name letters are personalised by Modo Creative within 3-5 working days and then can be sent internationally from the UK for £15, or delivered free within the UK.

Material: recycled oak wood
Size: 6.3 x 6.3 inch (16 x 16 cm)
Price: £16 – £24 (depending if front, back or both are engraved)

Personalised Framed Faith Print

Words have such power. Especially words from God. Both children and adults need to be reminded of these powerful words often. A great way to do this is to give a faith print at your goddaughter’s baptism.

These are some prints I have personally worked on as I was so inspired and touched when my son received a faith print for his baptism from his godmother. It reminded me of my own baptism plaque that was special to me and inspired me to create prints that are touching and meaningful to children and look good displayed in their room.

Faith Print Options

Both these prints have the option to include your goddaughter’s name.

You can buy the personalised faith prints here and also see some more faith print ideas for girls.

Faith Print Personalisation

Simply add your goddaughter’s name and baptism date when ordering and it will be personalised on the print of your choice.

Faith Print Delivery

All faith prints are designed and personalised in Australia. Orders are sent within 1-3 working days.

Material: electronic file for you to print
Size: 8 x 10 inch (20 x 25cm) print
Price: AU$14

Personalised “God Loves …” Book

This beautiful “God Loves …” book can be all personalised with your goddaughter’s name, date given, personal message and other things. The words are touching and the pictures are stunning, making a meaningful gift for your goddaughter’s baptism.

The “God Loves …” book talks about creation and how your goddaughter is a special part of creation, making your goddaughter feel loved and cherished by God. Something that every child needs to know deep down.

Personalised Book - God Loves

Personalised Book Delivery

These books are ready in 2-4 business days and ship free within the US. However, shipping to the UK is US$30. Unfortunately this means that the cost to buy the book outside the US is US$60 which is quite pricey.

Material: Hardcover, 20 pages
Size: 8.5 x 8.5 inch (21 x 21 cm)
Price: US$30

Her First Bible

All the above gifts are beautiful, meaningful gifts that will be treasured by your goddaughter a long, long time.

However, I think it’s a really good idea to give a second cheaper present that engages your goddaughter now as a baby/young girl (if your goddaughter is baptised when she is younger than 3).

Baby Girl First Bible

Her First Bible has nice big colourful pictures and short simple lines of rhyme – perfect for babies and young children. A lot of children’s bibles can be quite wordy and hard to understand and therefore don’t keep the child’s attention. But this bible seems to hit the nail on the head.

Material: Hardcover, 93 pages
Size: 6.5 x 4.5 inch (17 x 12 cm)
Price: US$8

Faith Based Music DVD

Created especially for 0-3 year olds, this Praise Baby DVD “Born To Worship” is a stimulating faith based dvd.

It features well-known worship music and images of animals, colours, shapes and visual effects that babies seems to love and the dvd runs for 30 minutes (for a sneak peak of a similar dvd see here). The songs can be played with instrumental only, children singing or adult singing. It’s fantastic to have that option.

My daughter received this Praise Baby dvd for her baptism. And I am so so thankful for it! Whenever my baby was fussy (upset for no clear reason), especially around 5pm we could put this on and it would calm her right down.

It was amazing how much she loved it even at 6 months old. My kids loved watching these into toddlerhood. It was great for me too as I remembered worship songs I hadn’t heard or sung in ages.

Definitely recommended.

Price: US$11

So these are my 9 top picks for baptism gifts given from godparent to goddaughter. I hope you’ve found something special here that conveys part of your faith to your goddaughter.

All the gifts above are made by businesses that offer fast turnaround for personalised gifts and very reasonable if not free delivery.

As soon as you’ve found something you like please don’t hesitate to order it so that it will get to you in time for the baptism.

And remember, baptism is the start of a life-long journey of faith for your goddaughter. You have been specially selected to help her in this journey through your guidance, prayers and faith.