Baptism Gifts For Baby Girls

Choosing a baptism or christening gift for someone special can be hard! If you’re a godparent or grandparent or aunt or uncle you’ll likely want to choose a gift that is extra special and meaningful.

I’ve spent many hours researching baptism gifts. I’ve seen what my kids like and don’t like and I’ve spent a lot of time thinking and reading about what children need to grow in faith and love.

While traditional christening gifts might be a silver or pewter baby mug, a rattle or a silver spoon, I think it’s better to give something that the child will actually use or display in their room and not be just a keepsake that is packed away. But at the same time the gift should have meaning and point the child to God.

I recommend the following gifts which will grow with your child and can all be personalised with your child’s name/baptism date:

Personalisation is a beautiful, touching addition to a gift, but can also take a little extra time. Please don’t delay in ordering your gift if you know the baptism date, go ahead and order it so it will arrive in time for the baptism.

Faith Print

I received a wooden wall plaque from my godmother when I was baptised as a baby. The plaque had the verse from Isaiah 49:16 and a picture of a child in God’s hand. I loved reading this and looking at the picture when I was young. I felt so secure and loved looking at the plaque hung at the end of my bed every night.

Words have such power. Especially words from God. Both children and adults need to be reminded of these powerful words often. A great way to do this is to give a faith print at a child’s baptism.

In my opinion a powerful faith print includes a bold image, beautiful colours and beautiful words to capture the imagination and heart of the child.

These are some prints I have personally worked on as I was so inspired and touched when my son received a faith print for his baptism. It reminded me of my own baptism plaque and inspired me to create prints that are touching and meaningful to children and look good displayed in their room.

Dove Girl Personalised Faith Print
Never Leave You: Hebrews 13:5
Girls Personalised Faith Print Hands
Always With You: Psalm 73:23

The prints have a biblical message of love and can be personalised with the child’s name and baptism date.

You can buy the personalised faith prints here and also see some more faith print ideas. There is the option to buy the print framed (which comes giftboxed in a gorgeous glossy white box) or you can buy the print only and frame it yourself, or a DIY option where the file is sent to you to print and frame as you please.

Jewellery Box

My daughter received a beautiful mirrored jewellery box for her baptism from her godmother when she was a baby. She is now 9 and still absolutely loves the gorgeous jewellery box and uses it for all her special jewellery.

Unfortunately the hinge on the jewellery box broke when she was using it when she was younger. For this reason I recommend the jewellery box below that has a separate lid and isn’t attached. I love how the lid sits upright in the jewellery box so you can use the mirror. And I also really love how you can add a personal message on the mirror that can only be seen when you open the jewellery box. Such a beautiful, personal touch.

This is the type of jewellery box that will not date and she can still use throughout her teenage years and into adulthood.

Moroccan Wooden Jewellery Box with Mirror
Girls Personalised Jewellery Box

Moroccan Wooden Jewellery Box with Mirror inside
Personalised message on mirror

You can buy this beautiful jewellery box here.

However, if you live in the UK or close to the UK your best bet is to buy the jewellery box direct from the Letteroom. It will be cheaper and quicker for you. However, their international shipping for most other places is crazy expensive.

If you live in the US and are tight on time then another option might be to go with this personalised mirror jewellery box.

Faith Message

On the top of the jewellery box lid you can have the child’s first name. On the inside of the lid, on the mirror you can add your own personal word or date. Their baptism date would work great here to remind them of the importance of this special day.

Another fantastic way to give really special meaning to this gift is to include a little paper note with maybe a favourite bible verse of yours or a verse that will help the child to remember that they are a cherished and loved child of God.

Name Letter

My children all have name letters in their room. I think it’s a beautiful, personalised addition to any bedroom that will be displayed for many, many years.

These name letters from Modocreative are gorgeous and I love how they can be personalised with the child’s name on the front and also with a short message on the back (baptism date/bible verse/words). Absolutely beautiful!

Personalised Name Letter: Front
Personalization on Back of Letter

To personalise the back you may want to include the baptism date and a message like “child of God” or “loved by God” or “created by God”, or whatever else you choose.

Music Box

I got this music box from Modocreative for my goddaughter’s baptism along with a faith print. This music box can be personalised with the child’s name on the top and also a short message below the child’s name. And for a little extra money there is also the option to add another message at the bottom – perfect for a meaningful bible verse or message.

We had a music box when I was young and I remember being fascinated by it, looking inside to see how it makes music!

Music Box - Christening
Plays “You Are My Sunshine”
Closed Lid.
Plays “You Are My Sunshine”
Inside the music box
Plays “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”

There is the option to buy the music box with a lid that opens and closes with a latch or to buy it sealed shut (see bottom left example). This is a tough choice as the sealed lid will be safer for little ones, but it is sooo interesting to see how the music box works.

The music box plays either “You Are My Sunshine” or “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” depending on which box you choose. It would be fantastic if there were a “Jesus Loves Me” tune, but unfortunately there isn’t.

However, one of the music boxes does play “Away In A Manger”, so this may be suitable if the baptism is close to Christmas. If not, maybe for a Christmas present later on.

Praise Baby DVD

We received this Praise Baby DVD when my first child was baptised. And I am so so thankful for it! Whenever my baby was fussy, especially around 5pm we could put this on and it would calm her right down.

The DVD plays worship music like you would hear in church. There is the option to play with singing (adults or children) or music only. The images on the screen are of other babies or young children playing, animals and other interesting and cool computer illustrations. The images move slowly but not too slowly. Enough to keep your babies attention but not overwhelm them.

Highly, highly recommend these dvds. There is 4 in the box set but you can buy them individually also. My kids loved watching these into toddlerhood.

Praise Baby DVD - My Fathers World

This dvd is rather inexpensive so you may like to give with another of the gifts above, just as an extra something for baby to use in their first year.